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English PACI App Medical Report- kuwait Medical Check


on Medical Report- kuwait Medical Check Medical Report- kuwait Medical Check. A medical report can be viewed online at for individuals to view their results of their medical examinations. You can access your health information on the website by following the instructions in this guide. Medical Report Link

Medical reports can be accessed on by Kuwaiti citizens. As a result of this method, the process is streamlined and information is conveniently accessible.

Moi Kuwait Medical Report Check Online

Medical reports can be accessed on, a user-friendly online service provided by Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior. The online service simplifies tracking and evaluating health examination results for individuals. The steps are as follows:

  • Please visit the official website for medical reports,
  • Fill in your unique “Reference No” and click “Enquire“.
  • Online health status and medical report are available via the Ministry of Interior’s portal. Into English

The English version of Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior website can be accessed by visiting and selecting the “English” option. You will be redirected to the English interface, which includes information on obtaining medical reports, e-services, and legal matters.

Kuwait Medical Report Check Online Required Criteria

Kuwait electronic service allows citizens to access medical reports if they meet the following conditions:

Criteria Description
Living Patient (Applicant Attendants) Physical presence is required during the application process.
Living Patient Unable to Attend The patient’s first-degree relative may apply on his or her behalf if the patient cannot attend.
Deceased Patient If you need assistance with the death of a patient, contact the Ministry of Health’s Legal Affairs.
Applicant Imprisoned The prison authorities must process requests from incarcerated applicants.
Applicant in a Legal Case The applicant must coordinate with the Ministry of Health’s Legal Affairs if they are involved in a legal matter.
Must-Have Existing Hospital Record

The application requires an existing hospital medical record.

Importance Of Medical Reports

Medical reports serve multiple purposes in Kuwait:

  • Legal and Administrative Use: Medical reports are often required for legal and administrative purposes, including visa applications and residency renewals.
  • Health Monitoring: These reports ensure people are meeting the health standards set by the authorities by monitoring their health status.
  • Public Health Management: Maintaining accurate medical records allows the Ministry of Interior to manage public health policies more effectively.

FAQs About Medical Report

What Is The Medical Report?

A definition of a medical report. An examination report for a patient. Report, study, written report. An individual or group’s findings described in a written document.

How Can I Get A Medical Report In Kuwait?

  • If the applicant patient is alive, he must attend in person.
  • First-degree relatives of the patient must apply in person if the patient is alive but cannot attend.
  • In the event that the patient concerned has died, the applicant must contact the Legal Affairs Department of the Ministry of Health.

Why Does Kuwait Medical Unfit?

Reasons for declaring unfit in the Wafid Medical Examination. Anemia or low hemoglobin levels. A contagious/infectious illness is present. An X-ray identified tuberculosis.


Through the medical report, Kuwaitis can access their health examination results online at any time and monitor them through the facility, which ensures convenience and efficiency for everyone.

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English PACI App

Wafid Medical Slip Status Check – Medical Examination Appointment Slip




Student Services To Be Improved By NSFAS

Wafid Medical Slip Status Check – Medical Examination Appointment Slip. Medical slips are a very important identifier that facilitates the process of accessing the results of medical examinations with a great deal of ease and efficiency. This slip plays a vital role in healthcare processes and helps streamline medical information management.

Wafid Medical Slip

Medical slips facilitate the retrieval of medical examination results as well as serve as a comprehensive repository of essential data in healthcare management. A streamlined approach enables individuals to review and track their medical outcomes with ease and accuracy.

Wafid Medical Status Check Online

On the Wafid platform, here’s how you can digitally confirm your medical condition via your Wafid slip number:

  • Phase 1: Visit the “Wafid Cyber Hub” and look for the “Medical Appraisals” section. Click on “Peek at Medical Records”.
  • Phase 2: Select your unique “Wafid slip number ”. Put it in the box designated for it.
  • Phase 3: Click the ‘Check‘ button. That’s it! You can now view the status of your medical report online.

Gamca Medical Slip Appointment

Wafid appointment slips make it easy to keep track of appointment details. Your road map is as follows:

  • Phase 1: Open the “Gamca” website.
  • Phase 2: Select your “Passport Number” and “Nationality,” then hit “Search” to learn the status of your appointment.

Wafid Medical Program

Wafid medical program facilitates medical check-ups and fitness confirmations for individuals who are required to work or reside in GCC countries, extending its services beyond them.

Region Countries
Southeast Asia Indonesia, Thailand
South Asia Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka
Middle East Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey
Africa Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana, Mali, Morocco, Uganda, Sudan, Tanzania

Wafid medical status

Sahel’s app presents an intuitive way for Kuwaiti users to unlock their medical records. You can follow these steps:

  • App Acquisition: Download the Sahel app from either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store”.
  • Authentication and Exploration: Log in with your credentials once the application has been installed. Take a look at the app’s features next.
  • Ministry of Health Expedition: Find the Ministry of Health section in the app’s interface. Take a look at our services, choose the one you want, and follow the prompts provided to complete the process with ease.

Wafid Medical Slip Print

Follow these steps to print your Wafid medical slip:

Phase 1: Access The Wafid Portal:

  • Visit for the official Wafid website.

Phase 2: Login or Register:

  • Log in with your credentials if you already have an account.
  • To register as a new user, please provide your full name, passport number, nationality, and email address.

Phase 3: Book Your Medical Appointment:

  • Booking medical appointments can be found in the section.
  • Please enter your passport number and other relevant information.
  • Make an appointment at the medical center of your choice.

Phase 4: Payment

  • Make a payment using your credit or debit card to complete the booking.
  • Submit all payment details correctly.

Phase 5: Receive GCC Slip

  • You will receive your GCC slip via email after booking.
  • You can also request to receive it via WhatsApp if you provide your phone number.

Phase 6: Print the GCC Slip:

  • Please open the email or WhatsApp message containing your GCC slip.
  • Make sure you have the slip downloaded to your device.
  • Open the downloaded slip and print it using your printer.

Why Check The Status Online?

Checking the status of your Wafid medical slip online offers several benefits:

  • Convenience: You can check the status from anywhere at any time without the need to visit a healthcare facility.
  • Time-Saving: It reduces the waiting time and effort required to obtain updates through phone calls or in-person visits.
  • Transparency: Provides a clear and real-time update on the status of your medical slip.

Medical Reports via

Online at, individuals working or living in GCC countries can arrange their medical check-ups and verify their health status.

Tips Medical Online Status Check

  • Double-Check Information: Ensure all details are entered correctly to avoid processing errors.
  • Keep Documentation Handy: Have your medical slip and passport nearby to quickly reference required information.
  • Use a Reliable Device: Perform the check on a stable device with a good internet connection to prevent disruptions.

FAQs About Wafid Medical Slip Status Check

How To Check Gulf Medical Report?

Step-by-Step Online GAMCA Medical / Wafid Report Check Visit the official GAMCA website or the designated online portal for medical report verification. Avoid fraudulent websites by making sure you are accessing the correct and authorized platform.

How Can I Get A GCC Medical Slip?

Find GAMCA appointment information, test results, and status by passport number online. You can pay the online token fee in rupees using any Local Bank, RazorPay, or UPI ID, and you’ll receive an online slip via WhatsApp or e-mail.

How Long Is The Gamca Slip Valid For?

Medical slips or registration slips are known as GAMCA slips. The slip is valid for thirty days, according to the latest information. Within 30 days of registration, you must undergo Gamca medical tests at the assigned medical center.


With Wafid medical slip, individuals will be able to track their medical results in a straightforward and effective manner, allowing them to manage all their healthcare information in a straightforward and effective manner, thereby allowing them to receive and monitor their medical results.

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