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Kuwait National Identification Number – Kuwait Identity Card. Kuwait’s National Identification Number, or Civil ID Number, is a crucial part of daily life. Public Agency for Civil Information (PACI) issues and manages this 12-digit identifier that is essential for identifying individuals and accessing government services. Throughout this article, we’ll discuss the uses of National Identification Numbers. Here are some more details on the Civil ID, and we’ll explain its importance further.

National Identification Number

The Kuwaiti Civil ID Number, also known as the national identification number, is a 12-digit code assigned to every Kuwaiti citizen. A clear display of this number is found on the Civil ID card, and it plays an integral role in various administrative procedures.

Kuwait Civil ID Number Structure

Kuwait residents are required to have a Civil ID Number for bank transactions and healthcare transactions, among other things.

  • In Kuwait, the Civil ID Number consists of 12 segments, each representing a specific aspect of the individual.
  • In the Civil ID number, the second through seventh digits represent the person’s birthdate, formatted as YYMMDD. It simplifies the process of identifying and verifying an individual’s age.

National Identification Number User

People who possess the National Identification Number have access to a variety of government services, such as healthcare and social security.

A Civil ID Number is widely used by both the public and private sectors for the purpose of verifying identity.

National Identification Number Example

National Identification Numbers, or Civil Identification Numbers, are unique 12-digit codes issued to Kuwaiti citizens. As an example, a civil ID number might be 289011212345, where the second through seventh digits (890112) indicate the individual’s birthdate, which is January 12, 1989. The format ensures easy identification and age verification, while the last digit serves as a checksum for validity.

National Identification Number check

Kuwaiti residents can check their civil ID card status online via the official website of PACI, They can check the status of their ID cards in real-time.

You can check your Civil ID status at

Check the status of your Civil ID renewal online

Make sure your registered address is correct by using PACI’s services.

Kuwait civil ID card

Kuwaiti Civil ID cards are issued by PACI, the Kuwaiti Government, as essential identification tools. They contain the following information:

Name: Names are listed in full.

Birth Date: Date of birth displayed for an individual.

Citizenship: Nationality of the cardholder, whether Kuwaiti or foreign.

Gender: Indicates the gender of an individual.

ID Number: Individually unique identification number.

Residency Information: Distinguishes between Kuwaiti nationals and non-Kuwaiti residents.

Photograph: The cardholder’s current image is included.

Expiry Information: Dates the expiration of the card.

Signature: Signed by the cardholder.

Anti-Counterfeit Features: Security features like holograms and watermarks prevent forgery.

Importance Of Kuwait National Identification Number

The NIN is essential for several reasons:

  1. Legal Identification: It serves as a legal proof of identity.
  2. Government Services: Required for accessing various government services and benefits.
  3. Financial Transactions: Necessary for banking and financial transactions.
  4. Employment: Employers use it to manage employee records and payrolls.
  5. Healthcare: Important for accessing healthcare services and insurance.

FAQs About Kuwait National Identification Number

Q1)How Can I Find My National Identification Number?

Ans:- Simply dial *346# from the options displayed, select “NIN Retrieval” by typing ‘1’, if your phone number is the same as the one you enrolled with for your NIN. Provide the required inputs as indicated on your screen.

Q2)How To Verify Kuwait ID?

Ans:- Paci’s website allows you to view your personal information and ID card expiration date by entering your Kuwaiti Civil ID number. A PACI service center is also a good place to check your ID card in person.

Q3)How To Check National ID?

Ans:- A national ID holder can view their digital national ID via or download the eGovPH app, which requires demographic information and facial recognition to verify their identity.


Kuwait National Identification Numbers, or Civil ID Numbers, are fundamental to Kuwaiti daily life. Providing access to essential services, verifying identities, and ensuring efficient administration are all carried out through it. It is important for residents to understand the Civil ID’s structure, uses, and renewal processes, in order to make the best use of this very valuable document.

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