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Kuwait Civil ID Status Check – Online PACI Services



Kuwait Civil ID Status Check – Online PACI Services. A civil id status check in Kuwait is crucial for a variety of administrative and legal purposes. Kuwait offers multiple ways for individuals to conveniently confirm their Civil ID status from the comfort of their own homes or offices, regardless of whether they are waiting for renewal, verifying processing, or ensuring the validity of their ID.

What Is A Kuwait Civil ID?

The Kuwait Civil ID, also known as “Bataka Madaniyah,” is an identification card issued by the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI). It contains crucial information such as your name, nationality, date of birth, and civil number. This card is mandatory for all residents, including expatriates, and must be renewed periodically.

Why Check Your Civil ID Status?

Checking the status of your Civil ID is important for several reasons:

  1. Verification of Renewal: Ensure that your ID has been renewed and is active.
  2. Residency Confirmation: Confirm that your residency status is up to date.
  3. Avoid Fines: Late renewals can lead to penalties.
  4. Service Access: Access to various services and benefits relies on a valid Civil ID.

Kuwait Civil ID Status Check Online

A civil id status check kuwait could be obtained by using the following websites: “PACI civil ID status check”, “Government civil id check”, and “PACI mobile ID check”.

PACI Kuwait Website

An official portal is provided by the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) where individuals can check the status of their Civil ID. You can do this by following these steps:

  • You can visit the “Official website of PACI”.
  • The “Card Status” option should be selected.
  • Please enter your Civil ID and envelope  number.
  • You can review the status information displayed on the screen.

Kuwait Government Online Portal

  • The Kuwait government offers a dedicated online service for checking Civil ID status:
  • Check your civil ID status online with the Kuwait government.
  • Please enter your Civil ID number and query.
  • Check the status displayed.

PACI Mobile ID App

PACI offers a mobile app for inquiries regarding Civil ID:

  • Visit your respective app store to download the “PACI Mobile App”.
  • Go to the main screen and select “Civil ID Inquiry”.
  • The Civil ID number, date of birth, and verification code must be entered.
  • Check the status of your Civil ID by submitting.

Kuwait Civil ID Status Check Offline

Furthermore, Kuwait offers offline methods of checking Civil ID status, in addition to online options:

Civil ID Check With SMS

  • Launch your messaging app.
  • Write “M/M” followed by your Civil ID in a new message.
  • You can send the message to 1889988 and wait for a response.

Civil ID Check Using Call

  • Select your preferred language by dialing 1889988.
  • Access the query service by following the prompts.
  • Please enter your ID number and wait for the results.

Civil ID Check By PACI Service Centers

PACI service centers offer in-person assistance to individuals:

  • Find the nearest PACI service center.
  • Make use of the self-service kiosks.
  • Instantly check your status by scanning your fingerprint or civil ID card.

Types of Kuwait Civil ID Status

In order to track the progress of a Civil ID application, it is necessary to understand the stages of the process:

  • We are currently processing your Civil ID card
  • Check if your valid ID needs to be renewed
  • If you are in the process of renewing or processing your ID, recheck after 10 days to confirm that all your documents have been received
  • In the event that your ID has expired and a renewal request has been submitted, try again later or renew as soon as possible

Tips For Maintaining Your Civil ID Status

1. Renew Early

Do not wait until the last minute to renew your Civil ID. Start the renewal process a few weeks before the expiration date to avoid any penalties or disruptions in services.

2. Update Information Promptly

If you have any changes in your personal details, such as your address, marital status, or job title, ensure these are updated promptly with PACI. Keeping your information current is crucial for the accuracy and legality of your Civil ID.

3. Keep a Copy

Always keep a photocopy or a digital copy of your Civil ID. This can be useful in case the physical card is lost or stolen.

4. Monitor Expiry Dates

Regularly check the expiry date on your Civil ID and set reminders for renewal. This helps in avoiding last-minute rushes and potential legal issues.

FAQs About Kuwait Civil ID Status

Q1)How To Check Fine On Civil ID In Kuwait?

Ans:- Is there a way to check my Kuwaiti civil id fine? Please visit the PACI website and click on the Card & Fine Payment tab. Please enter the Civil ID number and click Submit. Your Civil ID will show if you have any fines.

Q2)How To Check Iqama Kuwait?


  • The official website can be found at “From Here”.
  • Check out the “E-services” section.
  • Select “General Residency Departments”.
  • You can select “Individual”.
  • The “Individual Services Platform” should be selected.
  • Create an account or log in.
  • Select the “Residency” category.

Q3)What Is State Of Kuwait Civil ID Card?

Ans:- Kuwaiti citizens and residents will be able to use the new national eID card to authenticate their digital identities. By simplifying administrative procedures, it supported Kuwait’s wide-ranging digital government initiative.


Kuwaiti civil id check offers individuals a user-friendly and convenient way to check their civil id status through both online platforms and offline methods. The status of Civil ID cards can be easily verified through official websites, mobile apps, SMS, phone calls, or service centers.

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Kuwait Civil ID Renewal Inquiry – Kuwait Civil ID Renewal Status




Kuwait Civil ID Renewal Inquiry. KUWAIT civil id renewal inquiry isn’t just an ID card; it proofs your legal status and allows you to access numerous services. Knowing the status of your Civil ID renewal application is crucial when it comes time to renew yours. Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) provides a convenient way for you to check the status of your Civil ID renewal.

Kuwait Civil ID Renewal Inquiry

The civil ID renewal inquiry Kuwait is one of PACI’s digital offerings designed to provide users with a simplified way to check their renewal status. PACI’s online service eliminates the need to visit its headquarters in person, saving time and effort for you. From home, you can track the status of your application with just a few clicks.

Kuwait Civil ID Renewal Check Status

A simple online check of your Civil ID renewal status is all you need to do. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Please visit the PACI website.
  • Click on Civil ID Renewal.
  • Please enter your “Civil ID number”.
  • Check the status of your renewal

Kuwait Civil ID Renewal Check Status By Phone

PACI can provide you with information about your Civil ID renewal over the phone. The steps are as follows:

  1. Dial PACI Customer Service: PACI’s customer service number is 1889988. Contacting a representative requires your Civil ID number.
  2. Select Your Preferred Language: During your call, you will be prompted to choose a language. To select Arabic, press (1) or English, press (2).
  3. Renewal of a Civil ID: Your next step will be to hear a list of the services we offer. For the renewal of a Civil ID, select service number (1).
  4. Enter your Civil ID Number: Your phone’s keypad will ask you for your Civil ID number. As a result of this step, the system is able to retrieve your renewal application details.
  5. Representatives Provided instructions: If your Civil ID number is entered correctly, you may be put on hold for a moment. A customer service representative will contact you once the application has been processed. You will also receive any instructions concerning the collection of your newly issued card, if there are any.

Kuwait Civil ID Renewal Requirements

It is important to have all the required documents and meet certain criteria to ensure a smooth renewal process. Typically, you will need the following:

  • Application Form: First, complete the application form. This form is usually available on the PACI website or in person.
  • Valid Passport Copy: Passport copies are essential. Make sure the copy is clear and legible.
  • Residency Verification: Your residency status must be verified. Documents such as work permits, visas, and sponsorships may be required.
  • Previous Civil ID Card Copy: Your previous Civil ID card should be included. This ensures the continuity of your information and verifies your identity.
  • Passport-sized Photos: In accordance with PACI’s guidelines, you will need to provide recent passport-sized photos.

PACI Kuwait Civil ID Payment Fees

Fees are involved in the renewal process. Ensure you are aware of the current rates and ready to make a payment. It is 5 Kuwaiti dinars for the smart card and 2 Kuwaiti dinars for the plastic card, as of the latest information.

PACI Kuwait Civil ID Renewal Inquiry

Click the following link “” to find out if your PACI Kuwait civil ID has been renewed. Your civil ID renewal status can be checked by following the steps in this article.

Benefits of Renewal Kuwait Civil ID

Renewal your Kuwait Civil ID comes with several important benefits:

  • Legal Compliance: Keeping your Civil ID updated ensures that you remain compliant with Kuwaiti laws and regulations. An expired ID can lead to legal issues or fines, so timely renewal helps you avoid such complications.
  • Access to Services: Many essential services in Kuwait, including banking, healthcare, and governmental transactions, require a valid Civil ID. Renewing your ID ensures you can continue to access these services without interruption.
  • Smooth Administrative Processes: An up-to-date Civil ID simplifies various administrative procedures, such as applying for visas, renewing residence permits, or dealing with legal matters. It helps streamline these processes, saving you time and effort.
  • Avoiding Penalties: Late renewal or having an expired Civil ID may result in penalties or fines. By renewing on time, you avoid these additional costs and potential legal issues.
  • Enhanced Security: A valid Civil ID helps ensure your identity is correctly recognized and verified. This reduces the risk of identity theft or fraudulent activities, providing added security for your personal information.
  • Continuity of Employment: If you’re employed or seeking employment in Kuwait, a valid Civil ID is often required for HR processes and documentation. Renewing your ID ensures your employment status and benefits remain uninterrupted.
  • Up-to-Date Information: Renewing your ID provides an opportunity to update any personal information or address changes. This ensures that all records are current and accurate, reducing the likelihood of administrative errors.

FAQs About Kuwait Civil ID Renewal Inquiry

Q1)How Long Does It Take To Get Your Civil ID In Kuwait?

Ans:- Your ID card should arrive in 7-10 days after your visa has been stamped in your passport.

Q2)Can I Check My Visa Status With My Kuwait Passport Number?

Ans:- Using your passport number, you can find out whether your Kuwait visa is approved. The following steps will guide you through checking Kuwait visa status by passport number. Click here to visit the official Kuwait Ministry of Interior website (MOI).

Q3)How Can I Check My Civil ID Fine In Kuwait?

Ans:- You can pay your fine by going to the PACI website, clicking on Card & Fine Payment, entering your Civil ID Number and clicking Submit. If you have any fines on your Civil ID, you’ll be able to see them. Where can I find my Kuwait residency fine? Check out the Ministry of Interior’s Kuwait website.


The civil id renewal process in Kuwait is an essential one, and knowing how to inquire about the renewal status can save you a lot of time and effort. Whether you choose to check your identification online or by phone, PACI assists you in keeping your identification up-to-date by providing a wide array of accessible and efficient services.

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